Michael Griffith

Multi-Threading, Champion Building, Business Case Crafting, MAP/POC Writing, Problem Solver

More than ever, companies are scrutinizing all but the most routine of purchases more thoroughly than ever. This requires a new and more sophisticated approach from account executives.


Deep Discovery

Complex Sales vs. Transactional

The complex and usually large sales motion requires an additional set of skills that transactional sellers just don’t have, including Champion Building, MAPs, developing a written business case, and multi-threading.

Business Case

Most (90%?) discussion happens without the AE. A business case is a one-page narrative explaining what the project is and what it will do for them, created with the champion.


Product Expertise

Someone once told me you don’t have to be an expert in the product to sell it. Maybe. However, deep product knowledge (software, process, whatever) equips the AE to better solve whatever business problem they uncover. It’s not knowing the product, but knowing how to solve the problem. Business acumen is powerful.

I’m in the Chicago area, which is Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)